Aaron Frazier is ready to serve our community on day one!

Aaron has the legal and community experience to apply the law with fairness and justice for all.  Aaron knows that good judging does not consist of robotically applying the law to disputed facts, nor does good judging consist of merely "calling balls and strikes."  Rather, good judging consists of interpreting the law and the facts through the lenses of common experience and common sense.  Aaron has the depth and diversity of legal and community experience to be an excellent judge for our community.

Aaron's Legal Experience

Proven Litigator

Aaron has argued in US District Courts, NYS Appellate Division and Supreme Courts, Monroe County Family Court, Rochester City Court, and many others.

Proven Representative

Aaron has represented individuals of all incomes, large and small businesses, non-profit corporations, public agencies and officials, single parents, and prisoners.

Proven Versatility

Aaron has experience in contract law, property law, civil rights law, criminal law, family law, and more.

AARON'S RÉSUMÉ and Biography

Aaron has been serving our community as an attorney for the last five years, and as a citizen through various legal, governmental, educational and charitable organizations for the last 14 years.  Aaron provides for your review the attached résumé  and biography summarizing his journey and some of his greatest achievements and contributions to the advancement of our society.

Aaron's Community Service

Committed to Rochester

Aaron has contributed countless hours educating himself and others about the issues facing all Rochesterians.

Committed to Youth

Aaron knows our youth are our greatest asset and has invested in their welfare and futures for the benefit of us all.

Committed to Justice

Aaron knows how to research, analyze, teach, and apply the law to make sure the social contract ensures all human flourishing.